Flour Mills Fiji

Value $450,000

Builder: Engineered Building Systems, 9000sqm Factory and Pavement
Work Scope: Prepare Sub-base, Place all reinforcing, Place and Finish All Concrete areas.

Kadavu House, Suva, Fiji

Value $45,000

Builder: Lomac Construction, 8 Storey Building.
Work scope: Place all Concrete Toppings on Double Ts Precast.

Rooster Poultry, Fiji

Value $600,000

Builder: Concrete Solutions
Work scope: Render Plant, Remove existing structures and Design and build. New Concrete Retaining Walls, Drainage ,Pavement Slabs Hatchery, Design and Build Concrete Retaining Walls and Pavement Areas including, Structural Repairs.
Qalito Farm, Prepare and Pour 4 x 1100 sqm Chicken sheds.

MH Taveuni, Fiji

Value $330,000

Builder: Engineered Building Systems
Work scope: Mobilise Batching Plant ,Prepare and Pour all concrete (2000sqm) including Cantelever for precast walls, Placing precast walls.

Coca-Cola Pavement Works

Value $370,000

Work scope: 3,000 sqm Carpark extension ,Loading Bays Including Drainage and Fencing. All Earthworks and Civil works undertaken by C.S.F.L
Design and Build.

Laucala Airstrip

Value $650,000

Work scope:28,000 sqm pavement slab with large volumes being placed. Everyday approx 320m3 per /Day and early entry cutting of 600lmtr/day
Design and build

Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd

Value $500,000

Work scope: Remove existing wharf pavement and replace with Double layer reinforced concrete to 300mm thick /2500 sqm Early strength concrete used for quick downtimes for operations

Total- Tavua Tank installation

EST. Value $140,000

Demo existing slab, excavate tank pit & pipe trench, reset 2 x 50000l tank, back fill with free draining aggregates concrete area to match the existing.

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